Our pieces are made from expertly crafted, high-quality, recycled metals. We currently have vermeil, sterling silver jewelry and gold plated stainless steel. This does not include vintage items.

18k Gold Vermeil:

Unlike traditional gold plating, gold vermeil is high-quality sterling silver plated in a very thick layer of gold. As per the Federal Trade Commission, vermeil must have a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold. Gold vermeil is an ideal option for those with metal allergies and is an affordable (yet still luxurious) alternative to solid gold pieces. Our gold vermeil jewelry has been ethically and sustainably handcrafted using 18k gold overlaid 100% certified recycled sterling silver. All of our sterling silver pieces are stamped with “925” and our logo.

 Sterling Silver:

Our silver pieces are made from 100% certified recycled 925 Sterling Silver, an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver jewelry in fine silver, which gives it extra shine and durability. Fine silver has a lower percentage of copper than sterling silver. All of our sterling silver pieces are stamped with “925” and our logo.

18k Premium Gold Plated Stainless Steel:

The benefits of gold plated stainless steel are endless. It is low maintenance, environmentally friendly, durable, hypo-allergenic, and nickel-free. Do you see what me mean? Our gold plating is 18k gold, and is 10x thicker than the typical gold plating. These pieces are of course in alignment with our mission of sustainable jewelry. Our plating process for stainless steel is more environmentally friendly than typical the plating process, as there is no chemical waste.