The LBV Promise

Our commitment to sustainability and conscious production

We take sustainability seriously.

Prior to ever creating our first piece of jewelry, we spent a lot of time researching our industry, and how to create the best possible products for you.

We were unpleasantly surprised to find that ethically produced and individually sourced materials were extremely hard to come by, and we knew that was something we wanted to change within our industry immediately. We believe in doing our part to protect the environment by using sustainable materials for all of our products, as well as packaging that is both recycled and recyclable. ‘Doing our part’ also means constantly improving, and we plan to continue learning about how we can contribute to creating a healthier planet.

When you purchase an LBV accessory, you’re not only investing in a piece that you’ll want to show off for years to come—you’re doing your part in protecting the Earth by supporting a company committed to a better, healthier planet.

Our Promise

All of our jewelry is made with 100% certified recycled metals and the latest technology to decrease waste and harm to the environment. Small business owners handcraft our packaging. We worked with many incredible people to create packaging from recycled materials that can be recycled as well!

Our Packaging

Our shipping boxes are made from recycled materials and are 97% post-consumer content. They can be curbside recycled and are naturally biodegradable. Our shipping labels are zero waste. They are 100% recycled & curbside recyclable. Our packaging box is custom-made from recycled cardboard and is curbside recyclable.

Our Footprint

We use an application to help us neutralize carbon emissions with each order shipped. Each month, the cost of our carbon footprint for shipping is calculated and donated to forest protective initiatives.

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